The following projects are meant to give an indication of the breadth of experience and knowledge Rodon Emergency Management can provide.  Additional projects that RODON has been engaged in are available upon request.  For security reasons, in some cases the information provided below in non-specific in nature.

Threat Risk Assessment for National Defence

Jun 2019 - Mar 2020 - Rodon was engaged to act as the Technical Lead for a Threat Risk Assessment for National Defence, leading a team of SMEs.

City of Ottawa Emergency Management Tabletop Exercise

Dec 2018 - Jan 2019 - Rodon was engaged by the City of Ottawa to develop and deliver a TTX that would engage the Emergency Management Operations Centre Control Group while satisfying the requirements of the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act.  The exercise was very well received and consisted of the TTX and a facilitated after action review and report.

City of Ottawa Light Rail Transit (LRT) Full Scale Emergency Response Exercise

Jan - Dec 2018 - Rodon was engaged to provide Project Management, Lead Design and Lead Control functions, as well as some administrative/logistical support for the development and execution of this full scale exercise. This exercise was designed to evaluate/validate emergency response plans and procedures. The exercise was developed specifically for the new LRT and tested emergency response interoperability, specialised SOPs and communications as well as other aspects of emergency response.

DND Threat Risk Assessment (TRA) interim methodology development

Nov 2016 – Jun 2020 – Mr. Morris was the Lead Technical Writer for the development of a new interim methodology for the conduct of TRAs within DND and the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF). This multi-year project includes leading a team of experts during the performance of a literature review of current national and international methodologies, developing new tools for the application of a newly developed methodology and performing tests of the interim solution.

Maritime Forces Atlantic NER Plan Update

Nov 2016 – Jul 2017 – Engaged to provide Nuclear Emergency Response (NER) expertise while updating several aspects of the NER Plan for the operational response team based out of Canadian Forces Base (CFB) Halifax.

TVRA for a U.N. Meeting of the 5th Regional Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction in the Americas

Nov 2016 – Feb 2017 – Rowan Morris (Rodon) was one of two experts engaged to perform an all hazards Threat, Vulnerability and Risk Assessment (TVRA) for this meeting which brought together some 1,000 delegates from over 50 member states at the Palais de Congrès in Montreal during the month of March 2017. The TVRA included an all hazards national security threat assessment, identification and valuation of assets, identification and analysis of vulnerabilities, assessment of residual risk and provision of recommendations where warranted to mitigate risk above a pre-identified threshold.

Execution of a CBRNE TRA and development of response plans and procedures for a Government Security Agency

Nov 2016 – Mar 2017 – Rowan Morris (Rodon) was one of two CBRNE experts responsible for the execution of a CBRNE security review followed by the development of a CBRNE concept of operations and CBRNE response plan;

Berlin table top exercise (TTX) 

Nov 2016 – This counter terrorism exercise, developed for the US Department of State, examined information sharing and tested the use of a data fusion centre for determining and as a result thwarting a pending plot to attack a major event. Mr. Morris was the co-designer of this exercise which included the development of the MEL, injects, timelines and exercise materials. The exercise was subsequently delivered and was very successful in achieving all goals.

Exercise Elaion Response East  

This full scale counter terrorism exercise (FSX) was developed and executed during the period May – Nov 2016. Rodon (Rowan Morris) was the Lead Controller and co-designer of this exercise designed to test the response of municipal, provincial and federal response assets to the threat and subsequent explosives attack on a (TNPI Inc.) pipeline in the Peel/Greater Toronto Region of Ontario. This two day exercise was preceded by a TTX that explored potential response gaps between responding agencies in order that these gaps could be closed and tested prior to the FSX taking place;

Exercise Elaion Response East - Development of a Roles and Responsibilities Environmental Scan

During the period Feb-May 2016, this report assessed the integration of plans and procedures and identified potential response gaps to the response of a terrorist act on critical infrastructure (pipeline) in the Peel and Greater Toronto Regions. The report summarized many emergency response plans (ERPs) including but not limited to several after action reports, corporate (critical infrastructure owner) ERPs, regional ERPs, Ontario ministry of health ERP and the OPP CBRN ERP.

Development of CBRNE Counter Terrorism Concept of Operations for a Government Security Agency

Mar 2016 – This project involved the co-authoring of a generalized threat profile and draft concept of operations in response to a CBRNE threat.